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PlotBox helps you to collect multiple payments through multiple channels effortlessly. Our Software enhances the collection and management of payments paid through multiple channels, be it from all mobile money wallets or all banks. The software swiftly understands all payments, respective users that pay, the assets they pay for, and the remaining balance on a real-time basis.

Marketing Team

PlotBox supports affiliate marketing. Whether you manage one or more marketers. PlotBox can register and manage your marketers by providing a special link to each marketer. Customers who join PlotBox through that link are marked as designated marketer’s prospects. And first successful purchase leads to rewards to your marketers based on your arrangements.

Auto Marketing

PlotBox enables you to automate SMS notifications direct to your customers to remind them of due payments and other related information. The software enables you to remarket to your current customers if you have extended your services or business with just a single click.

User management

PlotBox manages all your customer lists at one point ensuring the correct registering of all data to keep proper KYCs for your profitable use. In the end, all the KYC are centrally secured and managed with maximum accuracy, and consistency. This helps your business to have full control of all your users in a single dashboard at all times, and segment them for your business benefits.

Insightful report

PlotBox provides you with data that has a heavy tone of intellectual honesty. The data will give you access to set metrics for your informed decisions. The software tells you who paid when paid, and for what has paid for with a proper track of payments and other details. Collectively on a real-time basis, you have a dashboard of your revenue, sales, new customers, and projects that performs well. In the end, you have data that helps your business to modify strategies, see other opportunities and decide on future investments.

Trusted by Real Estate agencies in Dar es salaam

PlotBox works for a wide variety of clients.


Why PlotBox?

Payments Collection

Collect and manage payments in installments from multiple sources.

No Redundancy

Manage plots to avoid duplicate sales.


Gather accurate customer information for future profitable actions.


Create real-time reports for informed decisions.


Reduce operational costs to assist company's growth.

Digital Maps

Enhance plot booking digitally through Map.

Trusted by Real Estate agencies in Dar es salaam

PlotBox works for a wide variety of clients.

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